Spring 2020
The Engineering Academic Standards Committee (EASC) convenes reinstatement hearings for reinstatement to the Spring 2020 term on Monday, December 16 2019.
The petition and proposed contract forms, which will be available beginning on November 6 2019, must be completed and submitted no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, December 6 2019. How well you follow instructions and your accuracy in completing the documents will factor into the consideration for possible reinstatement, so please take your time and complete the petition as completely and accurately as possible.
If your petition is accepted, you will be notified of the time for your hearing appointment. You should arrive several minutes early to 1093 Fiedler Hall (Fiedler Learning Commons). Being late or missing your appointment may prevent your reinstatement. The hearing location and additional pertinent instructions will be provided at that time. You will be given 10 minutes to explain your petition and answer questions from the committee. Only the student and the committee members will be allowed in the room during the hearing, and the decision of the committee is final.
Be sure you download, read and understand the study aids developed by the college and provided for you (, especially the Semester Time Load Chart for determining a balanced weekly schedule between non-academic activities (including work) and hours enrolled. Use the study guide when completing the Reinstatement Contract and Time Management Chart.
Not balancing credit hours with working hours is the problem for over 85% of the students earning less than ā€œCā€ grades. Students having financial problems should visit with the Student Financial Assistance office and determine a method of funding their education such that they can follow the study guide. There are other funding methods such as alternating a year of full time work between one or two semesters of school until the degree requirements are completed. An argument that financial needs require a certain number of work hours per week is an insufficient reason for not reducing the hours enrolled. It is much better to earn just 8 hours with > "C" grades, than earn 3 or more hours of "D/F" grades with the 8 hours > "C" grades. When appealing dismissals, no excuses will be accepted for not balancing out a weekly schedule according to the recommendation on the study guide.